Design For Behavior Change has been an immensely rewarding experience this past quarter. While learning about ways to best design to change people's behavior, I have learned to question and analyze my own product designing behavior too! Before this class, I thought that design was straightforward and formulaic - follow…

Promote good sleep habits by winding down with wynd

Who: Elena Wagenmans, Christine Chen, Dhruvik Parikh, Kevin Penner, Khalid Ahmad

Role: UX Researcher and UI Designer

When: Jan 2021 — March 2021

Summary: Our team focused on designing behavior change for sleep with the guidance of Christina Wodtke, Sean Chang…

For our prototype, we focused on 4 key task flows, which can also be walked-through here.

  1. Onboarding

Onboarding consists of numerous questions the user can fill out about their sleep environment and habits. It first asks for some permissions and notifications then asks the user questions like “What has been…

Wynd(Sleep): Task Flows and Sketchy Screens

Wynd is an Apple Watch app that allows users to sync their daily schedules to a conscience night routine which in turn promotes good, consistent sleep. Our 5 task flows we decided on as a group were: Setup, Resync, and then 3 daily task…

I’ve always been very impressed by Zara’s shopping app experience. It’s super easy to use and trumps every other clothes shopping app I’ve downloaded. Its structural grid design is a huge factor in its appeal; the app manages to utilize columnal, horizontal, and modular grids very effectively and without cluttering the flow. Each item of clothing is laid out in a grid of pictures that can be scrolled up or down.

Elena Wa

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