Night Routine Generator: Storyboard and Wireframe

Elena Wa
3 min readFeb 23, 2021


After creating our proto-persona, Jeremy Rest, a college student struggling to juggle their extracurriculars, our team proposed 3 new solutions, focused on pre-sleep and particularly in the lack of structure or routine in the nighttime.

Among the top-three was a night-time routine generator, where a user would put in their night-time preferences and generate a night routine with times.


One major assumption this tests is that users will be motivated to follow a strict schedule if one is given to them.

Another is that users prefer an aggregate list instead of a lot of notifications which are often annoying.

Lastly, having a recommended night routine is less pressure than constant alarms or notifications, so even if there is no accountability for user actually proceeding with the schedule, the flexibility will make them more warm to the idea.

Some questions we have are:

When do users input their preferences?

Is there a balance between “generating” a schedule based on a few preferences and allowing users to create a strict time-based schedule for themselves?

When does/should the night routine start?

How/when do we notify users of their night routine schedule?



The user would be able to input their intended bedtime. In future iterations we may consider allowing them to input their wake-up time and the number of hours they would like to sleep, for further customization. From their, they would be able to add any tasks, from common ones like brushing teeth, or their own random night-routine habits. They would then input the time they spend on each one of these tasks. Lastly, they would click generate to see what routine the app has made them, and what time that should start.

For future development, we have these questions and ideas:

Should the user have one routine generated once and then be able to set notification preferences?

Should the user be able to edit their generated routine?

How can we adjust to their wake-up time since realistically people aren’t going to bed or wake-up at the same time everyday?