Elena Wa
2 min readMar 2, 2021


Wynd(Sleep): Task Flows and Sketchy Screens

Wynd is an Apple Watch app that allows users to sync their daily schedules to a conscience night routine which in turn promotes good, consistent sleep. Our 5 task flows we decided on as a group were: Setup, Resync, and then 3 daily task flows; overactive notification + response, evening reminders, and winding down which happens the last 30 minutes before bed. In this post, we’ll focus on the evening reminders.

For evening reminders, we would notify our users firstly when it is 3 hours before their intended bedtime. Although the language may change, we decided to go with a simple “Are you on track?” and an easy “Ok” button to dismiss the notification. Since we also realized that evening plans are volatile, we decided it would be useful to update an evening reminder, in case of a homework assignment the user forgot about, or an early morning meeting cancellation. However, we only allowed the users to do this once, so the next time an “Are you on track?” notification came up, the update button would be unavailable. When it gets closer to the bedtime stage, the app goes into the “Wynding Down” taskflow.

Task Flows:

For the sketchy screens, we really had to think about ease of use with an Apple Watch interface. Having this constraint already simplified a lot and we used simple text boxes to notify the user. For future iterations, it will be interesting to look at frequency of notifications, since right now, once every hour from 3 hours prior seems a bit annoying or excessive. We could also integrate this into the onboarding taskflow, since most of the customization is done there. Adding just one layer of customization with the updatable bedtime I thought added some protection and flexibility, but not too much that the user could manipulate it and with it, their structured bedtime routines.

Sketchy Screens: